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   The Trash Pack "Trashies" Series 1 - 12 Pack

The Trash Pack "Trashies" Series 1 - 12 Pack

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The Trash Pack "Trashies" 12 Pack - Series 1 Wave 2

The Gross Gang in your Garbage!

Build your collection with the Trash Pack 12-pack and find two Special Edition glow-in-the-dark Trashies inside. Use the poster to track your collection and learn cool games to play against friends. You can also hunt in the 12-pack for the Ultra Rare and Limited Edition Trashies.

There are over 100 to collect and swap. Collect as many as you can and try to find the Rare and Ultra Rare Trashies. There are six different categories of Trashies: The Grubz, Hard Rubbish, Bin-Sects, Bin Critters, Bin-Fections and Bin Monsters.

Each pack contains;
* 12 Trashies
* 5 Small Bins
* 1 Extra-Large Bin
* 1 Games Booklet
* Collector's Guide

Recommended for Ages 5 years and up. Not suitable for children under 3 years.